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Winxiangli Marketing Founded in 2009,Ten years experience in marketing industry

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Winxiangli Marketing company provide marketing automation services, so that your business performance soars

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Winxiangli Marketing company provide Telemarketing Service

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  • Mobil ( Exxon)

    ExxonMobil, as the world's largest non-governmental oil and gas producer, is also one of the world's largest refiners.

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  • Suning

    Founded in 1990 in Nanjing, China, Suning Yun Merchant is the leader of Chinese commerce.

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  • SPD Bank

    SPD Bank is a National Joint-stock Commercial Banks,Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1999

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  • King One Golden SAP

    The total retail sales of gold and jewelry in China increased from 50 billion in 2004 to 650 billion in 2017.

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  • Xueda Education

    Xueda Education Founded in September 2001,have been focusing on the development of high-quality educational resources.

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  • Ping An Inclusive Finance

    Ping An Inclusive Finance Focus on serving the consumer financial needs of small and micro enterprises and individuals

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  • State Grid

    State Grid,It is a state-owned super-large energy supply enterprise which mainly operates power grid.

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  • SAP soft

    SAP is the technological leader of global enterprise management software and solutions, and also the market leader.

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